Rome, the Vatican and The Pope

It’s time to reveal the truths cardinal, says the young man with the voice. The older man sighs; there is so much history in the archives he says, where do we begin. The young man holds the newspaper, he holds the headline in front of the old man. This is not an ordinary virus; this is Ezra, this is the prophets of old, this is more than just a nasty infection, it’s a message to the entire world.

later that night, the old cardinal in on his knees, he calls out to God. He hears the voice say; I had to go to the ends of the earth to find someone able, a voice they would listen to. Your politics and what it supports, has damaged the world of God, there are many flocks, didn’t you listen to the words of my Son.

The next morning the cardinal feels twenty years younger, a weight lifted from his shoulders. he thinks of those who had their reputations destroyed by an old institution, that gave comfort to tyrants, in return for access to their people. Men he sighed can deny the truth, but God Most High knows everything. It’s time to prepare people for the great return. He looks out the window. Just then a cloud passes by the sun, letting in a burst of light, as always sighed the old man, who fought the demons all his life; politicians who masqueraded as men of God, amen.

2 thoughts on “Rome, the Vatican and The Pope

    • thanks lucky, there are so much hidden, so many people having had their lives destroyed because they had opinions, the same as the women burned at the stake, and the invention of rules, to restrict women from accessing the general public, be blessed, amen

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