Hold Out

Torture and pain, the guards stand around the human, eyes barely visible, the water boarding, the beatings, the electrodes, the smashing of fists on bone, the remodeling of the face, the slumped carcass, is it the inquisition of the 1500’s, a torture chamber in south america, a sadist and his victim, a prisoner in solitary, a man crucified, a line of men and women about to be shot in the head, hands bound, a man waiting for the sword to fall, or an extremist damned certain he is going to get his way, a woman bathed in blood while her loving husband slows to take a breath.

Solomon sighed; how those who belonged to God had been made to suffer, not only the violence, but the taunts as well, well, where is he they goad. Hold out he sighed, have no doubts. Once you encounters the Holy Spirit there is only one question to ask; will we have the house in order when he returns, amen.


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