Mental Preparation

Facing a difficult time, it could be a meeting, it could be anything, you are having feelings of uncertainty, it could be an older person you are afraid of, it could be someone that you feel has control over you, whatever the situation, you need mental preparation. The zone, as Solomon called it, same as other teachers do, where you know who you are, where you can trust, how do you prepare, or why is it important.

Jesus complained, that he wasn’t up to doing miracles in his Home Town, for the simple reason, they hadn’t enough faith, they were not prepared for Him. Do you feel sometimes you are being taken for granted, or do you wonder afterwards, why things went wrong; the first person you blame is yourself, then doubts creep into you, and you doubt yourself more.

Listening to the words of the preacher, Solomon wondered why they harped on about purity and virginity, and other such references, as if those doing the preaching were erecting barriers between the Believers and the Holy Spirit, as only God is Good as Jesus was always telling them, wasn’t it time they realized the barriers they were creating; thereby making them, those in attendance,  feeling unworthy of help. It put in perspective the reasons why Jesus hung out with the so called undesirables of the day; he wanted to lower the voices of the Pharisee’s, make them more humble, amen.

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