Being Me

How hard it is, to reach to a friend, the pride or the feeling, what will they want, the compassion you couldn’t shut up about, the reasons you were friends, what were they, what had you in common in the first place. In the neighborhood, your short, it’s not cash rich, there are ways, and no shortage of opportunities if you are willing to take a risk. Solomon sighed, how the demons sit like snakes, waiting for their opportunity.

The relationship breaks down, its’ unthinkable, the allegations fly, the hatred comes to the top, you dumped me, what, you never had time, you were too busy, you were more interested in your phone, you never complained when I sent you stuff, then the memory kicks into gear, how can I hurt you; the deviousness of the mind, it goes to the worst source of hurt, all over a few words; I am seeing someone else.

We are all perfect in good weather, but who are we when we struggle. Solomon wondered how difficult it was, in this modern world, when relationships crack up, things go to the dump. You will get over it, it’s a learning step ,its’ not your life. No wonder Jesus pushed the forgiveness button; it ended hostility between souls and helped everyone rise, what could be simpler, no aggro, no bad feelings, you resurface, and you continue to swim, amen.

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