Another Day

The wind blows, the foundations move, the news is out, another set of the blues, minds are blown off course, rocks of truth are no longer steady, you have to alter your opinions, was there someone you accidentally damned, did you join in the witch hunt, did you feel the snide heart inside, did you take enjoyment, when you saw another star fall. Solomon was reading about the Prophet Hosea, and trying to imagine the times he lived in. The People of God are delivered, they abide in his ways for awhile; but as night follows day, they begin to think, they don’t need their God, so they begin to worship idols instead. In a nutshell, wasn’t it simply the ego over taking us again, the way we try to replace love with every form of convenience. Then as the days close out, and we age, the conscience becomes clearer, since all those distractions no longer work for us, same way an old person loses their vigor, then has time to regret, amen.

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