My Pride

image conscious, who will they view me, the paparazzi, it’s not my pride, it’s my job. The young artists want to communicate their message, they see how image is so important, same way packaging is so high on the PR and Media messaging mix, image, how are you portrayed.  Great stuff, fill the heads with garbled shit, and they will imitate it all. A big war movie, our guns are bigger than yours, our religion has more members than yours, bravo, this will fire them up. And more will join our armed forces, well, it’s better than getting a green card for going to Iraq for a few years.

Solomon sighed, the number of ways they try to fill the heads, no substance, just using people. He wondered if those who promoted such schemes ever wondered about the Power of God, it could over turn their plans in a whim, fools he sighed, amen.

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