It begins today, your happiness!

What, have you paid your rent lately, you car didn’t break down did it!. Stop, before you reach for the next fix, stop, pause, listen awhile, think about why you exist, think about being a bird today, and everyday next week, and you will be so surprised, you wished you tried it sooner. Your ego is not going to explode, but how you view the world will.

Why should I bother, can you stop checking your watch, what’s the hurry all about. She replies, John likes to have his dinner at six and I don’t want to upset him. He eyes the secretary, the curves, has ideas, has to satisfy the urge, he has become an addict, can’t take his eyes off her. Stop and listen, think about your life, be like a bird.

A bird, no plan any given day, doesn’t stand before the mirror, washes the feathers regularly, has no food in the locker, doesn’t have a pension plan, is focused on meeting other birds, and occasionally, when the time is right, tries to get it on. Doesn’t race around like an addict, and sleeps snug and warm most nights.

Solomon had a dream, the young demon wasn’t able to use his powers anymore, Solomon wasn’t playing in that zone. He saw the face change, how ugly he frowned.

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