Growth in Heart Pain for Women…

There is an imbalance sighed Solomon, if the news was believed, then again, if you were a female, you might think about it for awhile, heart issues, didn’t women always have heart issues with Men. Solomon recalled his dear departed mother, all her life a servant of love, as most mothers have always been, their greatest wishes, usually very simple ones; a fair world, respect and caring for their children, and equality of treatment. How many women he sighed, how many, they enter married life, and many find themselves prisoners, of the habits of another, while suppressing their inner self, how damaging for the heart is that, having to curtail your emotions, or have them on permanent transfer, into the well being of their charges. So long as the loving current flows both ways, neither heart will die. But to hear it on the news, the dilemma so many women were facing, and it being almost Saint Valentines day.


On the bright side, Solomon recalled the women who came to life, when they lost the daily duty of caring for the husbands; what a strain so many live under. And so many claim to be knowledgeable of Jesus, who stated regularly, that men and women were equals in the eyes of God. They use the words, but they are slow to practice them.

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