The Promised Help…

Lost in the world, afraid, burned by experience, it’s safer to stay at home, it might not be great for my self, but at least I’m still in the game. Solomon smiled, he heard the angels laughing, something like these times hadn’t happened in a long time, the heavenly powers were sweeping down on the earth, helping the lost souls. It was the words of Jesus, it was the prophecy of Isaiah; turn your hearts towards God, and his Healing help. It’s rather easy sighed Solomon, not like all those fears they sow into the world, trying to make you feel isolated once you stood out of line, warning you daily, trying to rise you like a salmon to a cleverly dressed fly.

You only have to practice the advice, and then it will become you. Solomon sighed, the changes were not expected; even the experts were mystified; how are the changes possible. Solomon smiled; with God, nothing is impossible, amen.

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