Sell Art, Buy A Yacht … Budapest Street Art

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Notes from Camelid Country

It’s no surprise that a city like Budapest, with its cutting edge cultural attractions and a long history as an artistic centre, should have some impressive street art. Yet, I was still surprised by the wealth of building-sized art that is scattered across the central part of the city. Their approach is somewhat different to Berlin, where street art still feels a bit underground. In Budapest, the walls are more curated, deliberately transforming the city into a colourful canvass.

This is largely the result of the annual Színes Város Festival, or Colourful City Festival. Since 2014, they have been commissioning artists to brighten up the cityscape, and the festival has endowed central Budapest with some magnificent public artworks. While many of the invited artists are international, the festival has provided a shop window for homegrown talent. The Neopaint collective are particularly well represented.

Laura by Vilmos Aba-Novák, Street Art…

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