Inner Transformations


We need distraction, but in the end, what about the Real Spirit, did you move it at all, or are you going through the phases as they say in a ball game, more important to be seen.

Solomon sighed, The Spirit was no delusion, fortunately, it’s all real, and far more, that is not yet written, well, there are those who will try to steal the truth, in the hope of fooling others, but with all jigsaws, the last piece, is what makes it complete, amen.

How often does it have to be said, are they waiting for the Celestial moment, the visitation that shakes the foundations of all that you know. And they end on age 231 of the book, gulp, what is the significance of that, and the book of numbers, dudes it’s time you got out of the sleepy haze your living under, what was that horse, change the tune, well……God is mercy and compassion, to be forgiven you must forgive…not words, acts.

He remembers the words of Ezra, the warning of the angels, did anyone take them seriously, the community leaders of the time did, and there are some still committed today, but what use do they have for wisdom, why is reason in hiding, what are the Spiritual leaders doing, leaving it all to God I suppose, basically, well, get the mirror out real fast, God is supposed to live inside you, or have you all forgot.

Solomon encountered Thee Spirit, it’s amazing what it can allow happen, amen.


7 thoughts on “Inner Transformations

    • George is the gift that still gives, the everlasting hope. In our world, we need to recognize the road we are on, before we lose it all, be blessed, thanks for the comments Sue, the spring veggies must nearly be ready..

      • Thank you, and I agree about George, As for the spring veggies, it needs to get a little warmer before planting the seeds in the ground except for the hardier ones.. But we have seeds growing in the greenhouse.. 🙂 Enjoy your day 🙂

      • i often wonder what would happen if we were all allowed to grow our own herbs, all of them, i don’t think we’d try poison ourselves, while learning about creation, amen

      • If we all did that one thing my friend it would enable more people to appreciate what goes into growing!… It maybe would lead onto more being able to appreciate Nature, and instead of dropping litter, or not caring about the pollutants we use, maybe that one thing would ripple out… It would be nice to think it could.. 🙂

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