How do you explain that, six million Jewish people, and fifty million overall, what was that in aid of, well, tell me, explain that one if you can?. He was caught for words, what was there to explain. Spirit help me he says in silence. He lightens up;

It’s not death you must fear, it’s the life thereafter. We are so addicted to the material world, we leave little room for the Spirit within to grow. In God’s eyes, Spirit is all there is, how we see beauty. In a nutshell, the war is the world without God to guide us.

So why the industrial scale of death then, what was that for she asked!. She was hoping to stop in his tracks.

Perhaps it’s what we will do to the Spirit, if we don’t alter our thinking?

You mean it can even be worse than this!

You said it.


Solomon was filled with the wisdom the Spirit sent. He sighed, there was a happiness inside. She always sent him the answers, the love that lived in his heart. He didn’t have to imagine her reading his heart. Just then he looked up, the clouds shielding the sun moved, allowing the light in.

Where are we going for dinner she asked. What, he was back in the real world. Food, who can think of food at a time like this. Then his stomach ached, your paying he said.


Equal rights dear he said. You want to wear the pants, I am glad to serve, amen.

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