Have a Nice Day…..

Armies of women on their feet, protesting, as if it’s a male thing, it was always a power thing, the few who railroad the rest of us. Deny them this, become a feminist instead, same as a footballer on a transfer until the interest runs out or a better offer arrives. This arrangement is more accommodating, they are not strict and they allow this and that, lets go there. Spirit is watered, meanwhile the children of all these women have to live in a more congested world, the threats apparent, they have to adapt habits their grandmothers would never tolerate. It is hard choices. Same as those who depend on co-operation, all of us now, who wonder where the co-operation will form? Get even seems to be a mantra, he had the film industry in his hands, time lost, it’s only the entire planet that is under threat, but getting even, is this not the schemes of demons, trying to get all into the same mind set, as if we are all just like that, nothing could be further from the facts, amen. Disguising justice in another cause that only divides,. A mother has a sick child, which cause will she pray to, you have to wonder. The anxiety is great, the hope is poor, she does what her granny did, she gets on her knees, all of them. Meanwhile well intended zealots get in on the action. You want to point out to all these comely voices, ever hear of domestic violence, ever hear of hunger, the sowing and the reaping is too long to hold their attention, they want to news next week to be on the job, they need it, otherwise the supporters will drain away to some other cause. Powder, at last we have a common interest, everyone wants a buzz, even if it’s fake. There is more legal drugs mixed with the illegal than there is legal in their drug, but it gets them high. A woman feels good, it’s priceless, amen.

Jesus did not win any popularity contests; when the crowd had the choice, they chose the local rebel, amen. Solomon was not going to win a popularity contest either, he left that to idols, they wanted a following; Jesus wanted the people to hear the words of eternal life. Popular, those who had least and were oppressed, were the first to follow, then word gets out, he really heals, the message becomes clear, there is great power, (its still around), in the East during these times, now, they have set off to discover the source, times of old, the return, the question on many lips, when. Not if, but when, a startling change to times less than thirty years ago, when only the unwell spoke readily of God, or were extreme, as TV is so happy to show us. They see a crowd, they don’t represent the people, just an element of them, same in Belfast in the seventies, only an element of those who believed were violent, it wasn’t everyone. The Irish travel to Britain, potential terrorist, eighties, a Muslim travels to another country, America or other places, potential terrorist, every decade they choose a tribe to isolate. Then for years, good natured citizens bend over, trying to explain the propaganda, meanwhile, another tribe is targeted, and it repeats and repeats, while the Spirit of God has to flee, seeking space. The space is found, the results are in, the changes are coming like a mother about to give birth to a loved child, and no amount of man made crisis can change that, amen.

How will those who ridicule God fare out, given precedent and the words of Jesus, have you any idea, a maybe even, a tad of an idea. The tyrant is falling, the old supporters begin the distance thing, we never knew him, stories we hear more and more of. Then the words of God, the words of Jesus, you never knew me, written a long time ago, many types of this and that, as for this sameness they are trying to sell everyone, it does not cut ice, amen.

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