Therapeutic Remedies

Who doesn’t need to see someone, it happens all the time. So many suffer from mind issues, (the human race comes to mind, hahaha), well, have a look around you, it’s what will go wrong today moment. An appointment, the wait, the bit of nervousness, you are going to tell a complete stranger how you feel, and since they have heard all your symptoms before, from other patients, they will take a bit from this and a little bit from that experience, and then tell you, what to expect, etc, etc. All you wanted was someone to listen to you.

Odd as it seems, the grey matter decides so much, all that energy running around your head, how do you cope with it, when it goes out of sync, when it gets too much. If it was a hangover, you’d require more rest. If it was bleed, a bandage, if it was a virus, probably a tablet, if you are exhausted, rest. If it’s stuff in your head, a lot of patience. The world is 24?/7, and everyone is in a hurry. There is so much to do, do you really want to bother your friends or family, do you really want them to know, is it a sign of weakness, who do you turn to.

Finally, when you decide you need help, you might perhaps have to wait awhile. Great, you hear all the happy slogans on the radio, we are hear for you, but when you want to see them, you have to wait, this is not going too well, so if it’s a mind issue, you start to stress yourself, you begin to feel worse. Where is the help you wonder, not every one is blessed with a strong internal Spirit.

Then you hear about the free help, the places of calm you can visit, it could be Holy Ground, it could be a friend’s company, it could be a case of more exercise, it could simply be the case of doing something positive for yourself, there are many choices.

Living in a world, where stress levels are on the rise, there is a growing awareness of the need for more mental health facilities everywhere, the demand is growing faster than Facebook in it’s early years, the issues are mounting.

Solomon sighed, the Spirit inside needs rest, it’s a daily task. It’s easy to be pushed this way and that, you are constantly being given choices, it seems as if you have to choose all the time, how can you escape this. How can the Spirit sustain itself under this work load, is it possible to find rest. Well, it’s like being in the company of a true friend, one you can rely on, one that never changes, there is a rock that you can always depend upon, that’s the type of friend you need. Solomon read ancient scripture, he was saved from any number of troubles, and found that, true rest is found, when you find the Spirit, that never founders, it’s really simple. And it gives serious power to the words of Jesus, not just in words, but in deeds. When you begin to apply them to your life, it’s only a matter of time, before everything begins to brighten up, and it’s really easy to do….




2 thoughts on “Therapeutic Remedies

    • It’s wonderful to imagine, how sharing can help us all, maybe that’s why Jesus and the story of the 5,000 was recalled, as we give to life, the world responds, be blessed

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