Heart Break Ridge

Not the movie, but the words are apt, we all face a struggle in life, and when we get older everyone wish’s is, they could have done more. She listens to the old Indian chief. When we are sad, it’s our emotions talking. When are are honest in our prayer, it’s our emotions talking, and when he have endured enough, it usually spells action. She wants to learn the reason for her yearning. She sits there, outside the teepee, wondering where she is, no white faces, no tall buildings, no shops tempting her, the usual thoughts not in her head, of how she will spend her day.

Heart matters, what are we without it.

4 thoughts on “Heart Break Ridge

  1. I think listening to the head is the best route for the heart can deceive you. I’m living that now. I know it but I still love the person. My logic tells me not to but my heart tells me too.

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