Heaven Laughs

Heavenly Humor

Why did you have to out yourself, could you not have remained quite? Mrs God looks out the window, a crowd gathers, stones are being thrown, even the police wont come, they side with the protesters

The old man points to his watch, time he says. A window breaks, Mrs God sighs, I thought Jesus was supposed to smooth things out. God remains calm, he understands women better than anyone, since he created it all. Taking responsibility, God looks out at the maddening crowd. He could stop them with a wave of the hand, he allows them vent their anger, self inflicted and self created, God sighs, I gave them the choice. Meanwhile Mrs God frowns, were never flying delta again.

Could you not send a hail storm and disperse them all. Getting older in all respects, God sighs, what a great idea. Hail the size of golf balls begin to fall, the flow is soft, a voice calls out in the crowd, that’s really God in there, the crowd get on their knees. Mrs God smiles, I’ll prepare your favorite dinner she says. I haven’t lost it, have I says God with a smile.


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