Wars and Humanity


An old story, how any news between the legs grabs our attention, while Mother Nature suffers, how your mind is lead to very dark spaces, how fear grabs you, the fear of men, the steps late at night.

Blood bath in Baghdad, forgotten overnight, towns bombed from above, story of Vietnam, theft from the African people, destruction of the ancient cultures, theft of the Indian homelands, Human race has nothing to be proud of, has a lot of amending and blood to replace, just stating what’s in the heart of many, stating the truth of many lives, the honest leaders removed and murdered, the hundreds of millions of children aborted, where did all their spirits go after, it’s time those evil planners were finally held accountable, if there’s an embargo on honesty what does it mean, should the righteous just do nothing, acceptance seems so fashionable these days, not pulling punches anymore regardless, Marana Tha the call of all the believers, interfering with the flow of the Holy Spirit has divine consequences, feel good is not good enough, it’s as temporary as a valium tab, after awhile they are fairly useless, no point pretending to be ignorant when the truth is straight in front of you, same as the sun that shines on some, go on pretending it might make you feel good, but has it ever changed anything, amen. been left in limbo by the church authorities, it’s written, you don’t wait for Godot!, amen, add in the billion or so addicted to pornography, it’s not a pretty picture whatever you promise, personally I want to see Heaven on Earth and those of honest endeavour and standing in God’s eyes, handsomely rewarded, amen…

The straw that broke the camels back, no bigger than any that came before, and they are loading that old camel daily, and when the wisdom is ignored so cleverly, well it’s not a situation that can be ignored, and it’s being ignored despite all the pleas, amen, going to run if this is the best there is, 23 trillion and more offshore, who are ye all fooling? What is left for the future generation at this rate, slavery if your lucky to be born, well that’s the story for the majority as it stands, given that the talented are predisposed to exploiting most people, I have seen it, encountered the Holy Spirit, and it’s real, in spite of all this and the picture from the heavens, we are refused assistance by those controllers of religions, little wonder if we are heading ….will I go on, to put such a spirit under pressure of any type is suicidal for those seeking redemption, flying solo in such a circumstance, wisdom, well ollie ? should we ask for more of the same,

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