All Hands on Deck…

All your laundry in the machine, the time you got sick, the time you peed in your pants, the time you picked your nose, and.., all hands on deck, lewd businessman doing time for being himself, if he was a poor man, you’d never have noticed, all hands on deck. Mr President ingratiating himself with so called undesirables, Jesus did the same by the way, all hands on deck. The storm rocks the boat, the crew begin to panic, we are going to drown, what, well, you better wake him up. In the middle of a slumber, praying most likely, possibly a fiery dialogue going on no one has ever heard; I need more help, they are still slow to believe. They Wake Jesus, calm down he says, and it all goes quite, amen.

Solomon encountered the divine Spirit; It’s true, Heaven exists, all hands on deck.

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