Blessings and Help

Solomon sighed, how there were those who tried to control the world of God, ours, yours, theirs, his, hers, when God is the same all the time. Scandals, who will be next, the tabloids run a banner, another scandal, the appetite whets, something juicy, the more gore the better, the big thrill, what will the money count for now, a smug journalist is about to get an award, for trying to destroy another, and his peers will applaud him, Solomon didn’t think them very wise, as they would have to face the Lord, and….

Across the world, men and women, of various groups, striving to make it better, mothers hoping that their child will escape addiction, she has heard of her neighbors child, falling to the dealers, who wait, please help she prays, millions do likewise. Governments, and those in positions of authority, thinking they will escape, their deeds hidden, many misled, don’t you know your every move is covered.

Solomon sighed, remember Moses in the Desert, there is a lesson there for all, amen.

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