Forgiveness Forgiveness Forgiveness

You can’t say it often enough, neither could Jesus, why burden yourself by carrying around resentment, why can’t you learn to forgive. I know, I know, I know, why can’t we, why can’t we, well, if advertising works, as every psychologist knows, as most business people know, as everyone knows, why don’t we practice the most simplest of things, letting go, forgiving. Every time she reminds herself she feels bad, if she could forgive, their would be nothing to remember.

Solomon read of the woes of certain individuals, in the papers, scandals, sexual impropriety, the stuff so many want to read about, particularly in the western English Speaking media. After many years of advertising excess, years of pushing equality between men and women, (by the way Men still can’t bear children and women now are having trouble bearing them), after years of a media filled with sexual excess, how often do you do it when your married, if it’s not enough your loosing out, so the experts say, In a world that gives millions of young folks all the sexual imagery they could possibly want, in this world of excess, where those who are deemed respectful are seen as weird, the innuendo towards the eastern religion, why would you want to cover up, don’t you want to wear a mini, etc

, in the world that uses violence and sex to draw the interest in, in this world of excess, is it not time, the world accepted that, all these scandals, these habits passed on, In DNA too, is it not time, they all stopped pointing the finger, and tried to put the interests of children first, by putting an end to the anger this excess has caused, and practiced forgiveness. When there is no clean water, the fish are ill, the food you eat is bland, who will care about all the other excess’s, no one. Before it’s too late, forgive; use the feelings differently, amen.

Solomon encountered the Holy Spirit, and there have been many blessings. Why dull your light he thought, with all that is bad in the world. Why write fantasy, when you can write life instead, amen. save your intimacy for your bedroom, amen.

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