The Three Wise Men….

Star gazing, understanding the movement of the stars, over two thousand years ago, can you imagine it, these men and their families, sitting around a FAMILY table, when their star gazing friend rushes in the door; they have been waiting for the sign, there have been changes in the cosmos, a great event is expected, the Spirit of Enlightenment and Wisdom is being sent to Earth, The God of All, is sending his Messiah. No phones, no TV’s, no shopping streets, no motor cars, no arcades, none of the modern stuff, yet they can read the world, from looking at the Sky. They have read what the ancient prophets have foretold, they are aware of Heaven, and aware of the demon too, don’t be blind. So they set off, equipped, like a river, they go with the flow, and come upon the Heavenly light. It’s an old story, and it’s the main reason we celebrate Christmas, and it’s real.

Solomon sighed; there were many festivals of renewal, many celebrations, many new years, and billions of people, who celebrated them all, in one way or another. He heard the argument for and against the Christmas excess, arguments that even caused great wars to happen, from time to time. Given that Children are the first to suffer in war, along with their mothers, and women generally, wasn’t it time, all the worlds Spiritual leaders, got together, and allowed each others followers to celebrate these festivals of renewal, after all, there is only one, God Most High. A Holy Month of Festivals, that honor our pledge to God. In a world stressed out, who can argue with that, amen.


1 thought on “The Three Wise Men….

  1. And this is how the wisemen were led to our newly born savior… a beautiful composition and share!💕❤️ How a wonderful Christmas! AOC has a tendency to repeat well wishes but, it is all the more love!

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