Hormone Nation

You got a deficiency with Hormone X, Doctor Prescribes, the chemical takes affect, your back together, no more mood swings, you are having treatment, hormone needs boosting, hormones, what, are they like nerve endings that set fire to us inside, and when they go out of control, there is no stopping them.

There is a missing link in the DNA, the real One, the link that teaches us how to concentrate,  but there is a hormone boost you can take. There are so many hormones, so many deficiencies, so many potential changes. so much we have yet

to learn. Can you break down everything to a dot or an I.

To imagine, what is invisible to the naked eye, is what your entire DNA is made of. Hows sensitive is that, stop, imagine it, what you can’t see gives you life. The consequences of a dirty environment, imagine how it works on your hormones.


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