A Popes Appeal, 800 Years Ago.


A hundred years of the plague, an unstoppable flu, it happened, its’ not your imagination, it’s the history of the dark ages, Popes far from holy, removed from Christ Jesus, a dearth of Spirit, demons, and then the recovery, the reformation, the renaissance, that provided  Leonardo De Vinci, don’t be alarmed, it’s all true, Michelangelo, and a host of great artists, commissioned, to resurrect the reputation of The Holy Roman Church, and to inspire faith in God Most High.


Do we raise the Spirit today, when we ask, have we done what we said we would, or is it wishful thinking? Is it the old thinking, we will get away with it, is that the message we send out, are we chancers, great pretend artists, hoping to get away with it, hiding our own stuff, then pointing elsewhere, do you assume you can fool God, because you got away with it for so long, are you impressed when someone with clerical power tells you your fine, as if it’s an absolution, didn’t they say the same all those years ago.

Why is God called merciful, Patient and enduring, do some assume more of the old will suffice, do they assume God is silly, history tells us otherwise, don’t be alarmed, but it’s better to play cards with all the deck in play, at least you have a decent chance, do you assume it’s wise to undermine Spirit, you can’t possibly assume it will be allowed to go on, and as the Spirit strengthens, those words of the prophets will be sharper and seriously accurate, it’s not written to fool anyone, it’s written to enlighten everyone, the numbers, Moses and the desert, Ezra and the trumpet, Noah and the boat, the warnings of Jesus, do you all assume it’s wild talk.

do church people assume they have a safety net, when it’s deeds that matter, it’s your actions that denote you, cover ups fine, to protect a dwindling Spirit and the end as it’s known, will admiring the objects on the mantel piece give you any comfort when you face your last days, will you admire them and smile, and say, they are mine, what good is it, they will be someone else’s as soon as your gone, like a door that closes, gone, and when you realise it, will all those great ideas mean anything if all they did, was stay in your head, every race has a conclusion, and it’s 2,120 years since the time of Jesus, Spirit in the form of a man, 2,800 years since Ezra.

And he was told there was one and half periods left, as appearances go, before the great moment. If you do the math, it’s fairly conclusive to imagine, that number is getting near, and Jesus said, even that time was cut short, otherwise there would be no Spirit left at all, that’s what he meant in a nutshell, it wont be allowed to get that bad, so what have the so called grey know it alls been doing, harming the bits of Spirit that are left, is committing the ultimate crime, in the eyes of God Most High, that’s the summary, shout scream and cringe, run, hide, drug yourself, drink to excess, it will change as fast as that Spirit arrived, and twirled about, the world has been on a changing course every day since, amen.


And you owe it to those who made the effort, its not an award scheme to the current crop, it’s recognition for the efforts of those who passed, and passed on the Spirit, these are the simple facts, we cover the faults of many, and we don’t thrash reputations, the Spirit is too rare for that, whatever possibility there is, there is none without Spirit, and I mean zero, that’s a line that will never be crossed, Spirit can ask, same way the prophets were given the power to write words, that would last forever, so that’s the conundrum, it is that crazy, those with clerical collars trying to dictate to the Spirit, they will never be allowed get away with it, no matter what, amen. The dirty laundry is not hidden; it’s growing by the hour, amen.


It wasn’t written a thousand times for personal joy, it was written because they played games with the well being of Spirit, and the child you dumped on, the light from above, the power that sets the wind, the rain, the balance of nature that gives structure to everything, they played games with that power. To have the option to do something so positive, why would you allow a dimwit harm all your chances given the wonders experienced, stars move, events, numbers, what was going on in the heads, it’s remarkable given the opportunity presented, who was behind the madness has a lot of questions to answer, and as they say, politics has nothing to do with Spirit, absolutely zero, and if we are gentle with our words, and we can write, believe me, there is stuff nobody needs to hear, and that is as simple as it gets, the warnings have been arriving in torrents, and no time in the history of the world, has experienced so many changes in so short a time, consult the books, Celestine didn’t write his appeals for the well being of himself, he saw what was coming if the same continued, and you only have to read history, to see what happened soon afterwards, his words a final appeal, then.

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