In the Beginning..

There was the word, his first words, Dada and Mama, they smiled, their first child, his first words, the start of the journey. Foundations, there is so much of the old ancient wisdom in that simple word, Foundation, it implies a strength exists when the beginning is strong, and for a small child, those feelings of compassion and nurture, that are part of that foundation, form the basis of a happy life, for if you don’t experience a happy start, you spend your life reaching for it, same as those words every child puts out first, Mama and Dada.

Solomon was reading about the unwary child, whose mother found him uncontrollable. The words of Jesus, are recalled, you should fear your Father in Heaven, and when you approach him in petition or prayer, you approach him as a little child approaches it’s earthly father, at least I’m going to get a hearing.


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