Get Healed

The placebo affect, golly, you begin to feel better when you actually believe it, the Spirit, the initial push, the way opens, in those moments of searching, seeking a reason to believe, the aches, the anxiety you felt a minute before eases, same as the feeling you get when going to a big dinner, you look forward to the good food, forward looking, the point being, you are looking ahead.

Solomon encountered the addict, well, he encountered a few, and he was listening. The conversation was muted, addict was trying to direct the conversation, pointing at weakness’s he perceived that would distract Solomon, a tactic many use, deflecting. Solomon listened, this hurt, he saw how his companion was trying to control the situation, why would he want to do that, hiding from himself?

Feeling good, there is news of a cure, Solomon read the news, A rod was telling all the good news, he got the all clear. A believer, he thanked his faith for keeping him in the zone, he wanted to get well, had not given up. Solomon smiled, as soon as we realise that we are all bit players in a great movie, when we consider this, and apply it to our lives, we will see the value of our existence, no matter what angle we take. Don’t we all seek meaning in life, our purpose….

As said before, if you don’t believe, why are you doing it for!

3 thoughts on “Get Healed

  1. Wonderful thoughts here my friend.. We can all self heal, once we set our ‘Intention’ on the correct wave-length of healing.. Knowing we can change our very cells if our intention and belief is strong enough..
    I personally self healed from FMS, and really sever Raynauds Disease.. not over night I might add, but changing the way I thought, doing inner work, affirmations, etc…
    My sister also with mind over matter got the all clear from cancer.. Her Song that got her through it while she had four young children to cope with at the time of her breast cancer and mastectomy was this song.. ” Don’t Worry, BE HAPPY”… she would sing it as her mantra…

    Many thanks for sharing… have a beautiful day full of health and wellness.. ❤

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