Young Chief

He sits alone, they wait for him. Why is he late, he hears what they say, he slows, lets them wait a litte longer. His eyes are cast over the landscape, there is a lot on his mind, saw others before him, come and disappear, now he has to decide. The tribe has been decimated, it’s been one compromise after the next, the possibility it will get better, but it’s only more sickness they got. Is it the water, he wonders. The mine opened, people have been getting sick since. In the middle of the Amazon, they discovered Gold and Silver deposits, the prospectors. The speed of the development, where was it when they needed a small clinic, you have to move to the city, that is where the services are, he declined.

Holy Spirit, he prays, my forefathers, our ancestors, called for your assistance, they are calling now. He mumbles his words, it’s time to resume the village counsel. The argument is the same as last time, the water is no longer drinkable, to stay means death to them all, to leave is to accept that their homes are gone. A tanker full of  mining chemicals sets sail from eastern europe, a dangerous cargo. It wont be dangerous when it gets to the Amamzon, where they will pump it into the ground, allowing the various metals to seperate.

So many feel powerless, remote from having any sort of power, passengers, but not knowing where they are going. Solomon sighed, put your Faith in the Most High God, you will be happily surprised. The tanker is seized while in port, and sent back. The river is left untouched for a few months, the tribe has a celebration, the conscience’s open. New revelations prayed Solomon, news from the world above, gets everyones attention.

2 thoughts on “Young Chief

  1. Yes the world is in confusion and those who have eyes only on gold and silver do not care of the pollution or the havoc upon any tribe.. Especially in the Amazon. Where there is a deliberate policy to evict them from their lands..
    As for the other Amazon! the one who bares gifts for riches, that is a whole other story as this world goes from one jungle to another jungle of technology.. ❤
    Take care and enjoy your week and weekend to come

    • thanks Sue, as the world slows down, it is easier to take it all in, for a long time it’s been going so fast, we ignore the harm that’s sowed, blessings

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