Two or Three

The three friends gathered, they were there to share, express how they were feeling, it wasn’t therapy, it was family, getting together. The rush, the continuous struggle, the amount of thought we put into being right all the time, as if it made us feel better, when all it is, an affirmation for ourselves, no good achieved, just a back rub for the ego, nothing more. What a way to run your life, worrying about what others think. Solomon sighed, the old words, three or more gather, their faith is real, God is among you, the story of Jesus on the road, when he came upon the two apostles. They heard the word, their ears, their ears burned to hear more, truth does that.

Many had been discouraged from meeting as thus, the regulations of religious practice, forcibly enforced, it must be done in the temple, it must be like this, so many rules, while Jesus just said, it’s Inside you, nurture it, amen.

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