Virtual God

Like those animated TV shows or screens, fixed by a programmer, the cool Jesus, with all the vibes, his Father in the clouds, wagging his finger at his Son, saying, don’t enjoy yourself too much, you are responsible. Everyone has an idea of God, the all powerful Spirit, there are many versions, children see him as the man who scares away the bogeyman, others, the last minute prayer, those on the planes that landed on water, their saving grace. There are many versions of God in the heads of so many, but Jesus said it simply. It’s the Space you create inside that is there to do good, that’s where God lives, inside you. It’s so cool when you think it, it’s even better when you can prove it. The certainty you have, and the looks on faces, it’s inside you. There is no virtual God, there is only a real one. Amen.

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