Our Failings

“our failings are the blocks others stand on for support”

Mistakes, you are born again everyday, we get it wrong, then we find the way, and what examples have we, the list is endless, there are those who exploit it, there are those who are wise, that try to change it. Solomon sighed, the wisdom of God on His worst day is wiser than all man made wisdom at it’s best. He didn’t have to think too far about it. Saint Paul, the former tyrant to the early believers, Saul as he was known, openly took delight while he crucified and persecuted the early believers. He was following the teachings of the Pharisee’s, Jesus and his crowd are deceivers, we have to get rid of them. Sword in flames, he prays as he executes, beheads, tortures, those earliest of believers, and prayed afterwards, with all the zeal of the most righteous priest, praising God for the wisdom and strength to carry on with it. God knew he was a good man, had the faith, but had been misled. Darn, we have to change this man, he wants to do good.

Saul is on the road to another massacre, his blood hot, there are more believers up ahead, how many will I get this time, the chase is on. Suddenly, he is struck by light, unhinged as they say, left rolling in blindness. Your mission is changed, God had another plan, Saint Paul is born, as Saul is born again. Two thousand years later, we use his example, his teachings, who would believe it was possible, well it’s all true.

So if you are having it tough, unsure where you are heading, just remember; someone else will use your failings to build on, it’s not a wasted life, you can start again, amen. The teachings of Jesus, will answer all your questions, it is really that simple, amen.

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