Image or Substance

Image or substance, your eyes are on the rear in front of you, measuring, it’s the programming of the mind, the looks of approval, the walk down the street, comparing, the eyes darting left and right, always comparing, measuring, too fat, should be on a diet, glad it’s not you, image or substance, what is going on in your head.

The world at the cross roads of time, the return of Great Spirit; Solomon encountered it, and there came great responsibility with it, some said others laughed, can it be true, the Sun, the changes, the global turn around, something going on, that you don’t need to doubt.

When you encounter the “Spirit”, it comes with great resources of an eternal kind, it enhances your prayers, gives you understanding, allows you to endure, it makes you more whole, and it’s not a religious thing either, it’s of the Spirit.

Many were asking the question, his answer was simple, there is the wisdom of Jesus, there is the life of Jesus, there are the warnings of Jesus, there is a record of events, pointing to all of it, and there is the pride of man and those who want to control it all.

Those who believe will do so by Faith, and real faith is love in action. Many Spiritual leaders were trying to build bridges of understanding, while there were others trying to divide people. In the changing world, the extremists and those who encouraged the division of souls, would never succeed, Pray with a heart filled with real love, you will be amazed. No more of the wind bags who scream help for all causes while hording the wealth for themselves and their cronies, amen.

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