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A friend of mine (whose artwork sits below where I am writing) is a close relative of Albert Finney so it was with a bit of a jolt that the news of the actor’s death caught me yesterday. I had last watched him on the obscure Channel 81 on Freeview (which is my favourite, random […]

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Amo Rules The….. A.R.T World

The old geezer in the corner, chortles, he is having a good laugh, this is real. A visitor is scheduled to see him, always brings some bootleg, well, a sniff of real grass, the stuff that opens the senses, allows you to smell, better than snuff, sweeter too, probably great for all sorts of nasal blockages, medical world of old not a fan of it, can’t replicate that unique smell, like breathing in sweetened air, only better, purely natural.

The old folks home, warm in winter, a safe haven, staff extraordinarily kind. Amo feels so good, he feels sometimes like he rules the world. Well we all smell at times, who doesn’t, as for all that chemical stuff they use to stifle those smells, it’s as if they are trying to vaporize the entire planet, a selection of them in every home, wind safe, no air movement at all, does anyone get it, they are living in their own incubators. As for Amo, he doesn’t give a fart, lets off quite a few, but that’s natural considering his age, ask Jack, (nicholson) he will tell you all about them. As for Amo, just a whiff of sweet marijuana and he’s running through a meadow again, not that he smokes or anything, that’s what the young ones do, amen.

Solomon sighed, he recalls his old friend, how his Spirit was awoken by that sweet aroma, that science can’t imitate, every time he got a scent of it. Reminded him of that Movie, Al all peace Pacino, scent of the blueberry, what a story that was, or was it strawberry, they smell great too, legal cause you can eat them I suppose, amen.


The U.S wants to invade Venezuela.. not again says Amo…..

They want to Invade Venezuela, she speaks in a hushed tone, the site of their conversation an old folks home, Amo is in his bed, a little infirm, moving about requires a care assistant, and there are others to be seen to in the retirement home, it’s a busy little locale, and the needs of the elderly takes a little getting used to, ask your granny, do those hips work the way they used to, well, she’ll smile at you and remember a date she was on way back, the back seat and how the hips didn’t ache, just remembering the smile she wore later, maybe.

Have they learned anything, says Amo, the horror of the last war in Iraq, I suppose the spin machine is at work he says, ageing Mary has the paper in her hands, can’t understand it he says, one minute it’s the wall in Mexico, then it’s the communist plot, boy are they clutching at straws, trying to draw up all the hate their is on earth in order to satisfy themselves, and demons too. No oil no war, that’s the history says Amo. Mary sighs, Amo has a smile on his face, a s

queeze later perhaps, he winks at her, those who cause wars end up getting eaten by it, he plans on a smart prayer, the extremists who have been trying to raise the Ire of all is good, will find their schemes implode on them, have no doubt, Eamo was speaking from direct experience of divine intervention, amen.


Be Inspired Says Amo

Whats that Eamo, (Amo), the old man mutters a few choice words, will they ever shut up, rubbish he sighs, he has seen more than all the rest, with open eyes and a forgiving heart, has no  time for the narrow minded, found them a great pain, lousers, they would depress a flower, be inspired and share a little lightness, you will all be pleasantly surprised.  In the corner of the room, he hears the sighs, can read their minds, finds peace when in contact with true spirit, which he does most of the time.

Memories, what, he is tired of all the talk, would they ever talk about what they are going to do, he has heard it all, seen the impossible, has had his prayers answered so often, why the hushed tones, had they not learned a thing or two, he even recognizes the perfume they wear, all is known to the Lord, amen.

Solomon sighed, Amo had gone ahead of him, was preparing the way, leveling the field, uprooting the weeds, turning it all on it’s head, cause Amo didn’t sit their and dwell, he had a plan, and it was everyday, yes, everyday, the gift of life, he knew it from the beginning.

As for music, at least enjoy what your listening to he says, singing is free damn you, give it a try, they look at him in the bed, was he talking to us, of course I was he said, and you’ll be hearing from me, long after I’m gone, wait and see, then Amo put his eyes down, decided he needed a vacation, the rest is history. Amo’s play list includes…

Holocaust memorial cobblestones — From guestwriters


In the 1990s, Gunter Demnig decided victims of the Holocaust should return to their homes, at least figuratively. Today, more than 70,000 so-called Stolpersteine have been laid around Europe – and beyond. As a 71-year-old man, spending more than 200 days a year travelling around Europe and beyond for his project, meeting young people, politicians […]

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