The Power of Jesus

Look, you just have to Love. And love has many meanings, it’s not the short word so many practice in neat little places, it’s a bit wider, it is how you think about matters, it’s why you get sad sometimes, your feeling inside, its not an addiction to the material, that stuff becomes a chip a block a load you have to carry, cause all your damn time is spent worrying about it, the stuff you can’t bring with you, can it be said easier, there is a Spirit, you create space inside you, but if your head is full of junk, what is the space inside, baloney.

Out in the morning, the rain is bad, seconds later it’s gone, you think of someone, you send them love, the feel better all of a sudden, it’s inside you, just don’t get lost in crazy ritual and unnecessary long prayers, keep it simple, show appreciation for the gift of life and you will be handsomely surprised.

When he stopped speaking, they looked up, is it that simple, Yes he said, and you can do so much, just listen to the heart, use it regularly and you will be inspired.

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