Nursing Home Stiff

Can’t do nothing, can’t visit the bathroom, needs an assist when he wants to clean his ass, is spoon fed, as if he was a child, no wonder, he has that scowl, take me now lord he prays, the door opens, another visitor, efforts and words, he nods, boring as you always were, the visitor leaves, amen. We are here for you, meds the nurse says, at last, the one thing that never fails you, your sense of smell, is it Chanel number five, mixes well with the shitty smell he is surrounded with, but the staff never notice. The nurse leaves, an old friend enters, one that knows him well, still complaining are you he says, the old fart grunts, and half smiles, good to see you too. There is a plan, have you got the details the stiff says, alive now, in the company of Spirit. So long as you hold on, they will visit and meet, keep to the plan. The old stiff nods, this is a lifetime job, when your working for the boss, no one is allowed to give up, everyday has purpose, amen.


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