Clean and Tidy…

Almost perfect, not a blemish, clothes crisp, smells so fragrant, not even the flowers are that sweet, carpet immaculate, there are levels of cleanliness, but full living does create a mess. Even the human body has a waste bucket, let’s not get too hung up on it. He is afraid to sit, he might leave a stain on the seat, the children are perfectly groomed, perfect smiles on their faces, their mother, she likes to clean a lot. Carries clean underwear with her, every place she goes, so do I the reader smiles, the writer laughs, told you that I’d get you to laugh, happy Friday.

Where do all those chemicals come from, and why do we over use them, they are killing the planet, murdering the water supply, time to mess up, shit, I never had one, well, you are not telling the truth, amen.

He looked at me that way, should have went to spec savers!

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