The Hotel

Doors swish open, noiselessness of the place, all is calm, it’s a professional zone, no voices raised, no sudden outbursts, staff calm and alert, they must be well paid, well in a place like this, your paying for the service. Door opens you enter, your visitor sits, quite, want a coffee, read a book, listening. Waiting to hear noise, where has it gone, it’s rare, this feeling of calm. The sky outside, opens, clouds move away, sun shines, all is calm.

The Spirit is working he smiled, just as it always did. It must be a reminder, this hotel. Well, the service is great, the guests are not shouting orders, and the visitors are well behaved. Not a bad comparison, when your visiting a retirement home.


Guests on earth, it was a paradise in the beginning, will be so again. amen

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