Hungry at age Three!

You ask me to wait, she looks at the empty press, you have to wait she says, he understands, he is not stupid, has seen his mother choose the foodstuff in the store while others just race through their shop, children learn seriously fast. it’s only when the tummy aches does he get angry, so polite for a child, being able to wait.

He comes in home, the mircowave is broken, he has to wait for the dinner to heat up, his schedule is all upset, won’t get to the gym on time and do the work out. The annoyance of it all, technology, you can’t rely on it anymore. Broken, he will throw the old machine in the recycling bin, buy another, so impolite being unable to wait.

Solomon sighed, there is a lesson in every day lived. Faith without deeds, what are you waiting for?

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