A Child’s Request

Are we ever going to go to the beach he asks, he spent the morning cleaning the house, he wanted to help his mammy, and the preacher said that if you did good, that God would help you, so the little child did according to what he learned. The preacher didn’t explain the talents part unfortunately, and how the greater majority simply abused them all, reducing the chances for acts of love to flow, purely mathematics.

He finds a spade, and there is a bucket under the stairs, his friend is going to the beach with his mammy and daddy, why can’t I.

The view from the yacht is majestic, and the teeny weenie girls are so risqué in their do dare bikini’s , the older men can’t take their eyes off them. Turns the clock back at least thirty years, but they need the assistance of chemicals to do anything, the old men.


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