The Baggage Handler

Your going to have to pay extra for that suitcase Sir!, what, mean, more charges. The young attendant stares at the older man, he is young in body, but old in wisdom terms, the attendant, the old man is pure grumpy, used to getting it his own way, a reminder that’s all. In the guise of a helper, the attendant

is trying to get the message across, the troubles you carry and the load you bear, all on account of being unable to forgive. The baggage is memories, good or bad, then again, what is baggage you say. The news story the night before, a bunch of banner of waving enthusiast’s, who want to remind the world, we have baggage, so do you, just in case you forget.

How the human race loves to put itself under stress, Solomon sighed, the stuff they fill the heads with, a continuous stream of all that is wrong, the story of the screaming child, the bigger the noise the more it hurts your ears. Baggage was the same, you could use it for good, or it could drag you to the bottom of the river, the choice was yours, free will.

When travelling, all you need is the overhead, amen.

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