Having Fun….

I don’t want to hear that, I need a hair cut, my chauffeur is on drugs, I’m late with the child support, and the ex wife wants another slice of my fortune, having fun as they say. He sits in the big office, on his phone he can order in anyone he wants, but when he goes home, he is all alone, with himself. There is a photo of the kids on his desk, children, who needs them, makes you emotional too, as for the wife, i gave her too much in the pre nup, what was I THINKING.

When love is unconditional, it goes up, and reaches the Heavens, gets the blessing of God, when you put a limit on it, it rises so high, turns and dives, you can’t love conditionally, it’s all or nothing. He leaves the office as the boss, then goes home empty, amen.

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