Can’t Forgive, is that an issue for you!.

An issue for the world, sighed Solomon, another reason to feel angry, the disabling affect of hatred. In doubt, go to the place where you have reason to be angry, feels as if you justify yourself, an eye for an eye, then Jesus comes along, even his followers were upset, forgive!. have you lost your mind. Well, my Father is always forgiving you all, no pun intended, he shows them the scars.

50 million die in the second great war, fifty million, and most of them of European origin, so what happens next; the wise men of Europe decide to form a common market; bringing together foes of old, uniting them under the common cause, for all their welfare. Fifty million dead souls later, what a price to pay, why had they not done it sooner, questions.

In a world where arguments ended in feuds, and bloodshed. The child pushes his bike through the rubble, sighs to himself, how he used to do it with his father, and their friends, that was before, they bombed the neighborhood, He lives in Lebanon. How he wishes to see his father again.

In his low feelings, the extremists comfort him, they have something in common he assumes, eats every word they speak, then they send him on the mission, that will unite him with his Father, well son, you said you wanted to see your father again. Can’t forgive, you know what I mean, amen.

3 thoughts on “Can’t Forgive, is that an issue for you!.

  1. Hi There Paddypicasso
    I have just read your post on forgiveness and it interested me a lot. You see I have two perspectives on this, the first is that from personal experience, forgiveness is the only way to truly be free of anger, pain and resentment but secondly, one should never forgive unless they can do it wholeheartedly as it can feel worse for the person involved.
    In 2005 my husband was killed in a frenzied knife attack. At the time I was devastated and completely lost. All the plans we had as a couple were thrown into oblivion leaving just me. In a nutshell my best friend had been murdered without any reason.
    So I was left with this emptiness and a real threat to my own mental health if I carried on sinking. As a Buddhist I believe in forgiveness but when it’s on your own doorstep believe me it isn’t that easy. I a nutshell I reached the conclusion the only way to survive this was to forgive my husband’s killer and so I wrote to him in prison where he was serving a life sentence. After 8 years of trying to arrange a meeting with him he finally agreed but this 8 years had given me time to resolve things in my own mind, to get the answers I needed from investigating police officers and other people who attended the scene. Although these people had helped me make sense of everything, the only person who could help me was his killer.I needed his point of view and to tell him face to face I’d forgiven him. So we eventually met through mediation where we talked, cried and most importantly found a middle ground where I could get what I needed because of his openess and honesty. I was able to tell him I had forgiven him and to let go of all the pain I’d held on to for so long. He now works with young people affected by knife crime and attributes his change of life to our meeting. I’m now able to talk about this without the hair on my neck standing up with anger.
    After saying this, I’ve met many people along the way who say they’ve forgiven things but wen it arises in conversation, the anger is still there. This is what I mean about wholehearted forgiveness.
    Thank you so much for this post it really got me thinking Julie

    • julie, that is a great story, and truly, I am delighted, you are blessed. I have come back from the so called “dead” ,car smash, many years ago, at a time i was on the brink of great success, i could have chosen, it seemed that good, for good reason obviously, the Good Lord had plans for me that I was to carry out .In nutshell, as you’d say, I was always aware that we all had a reason for being; our lives are bigger than the material, and love is an intangible that is not a possession, even if we are told otherwise, and it is our job, all of us living, to build up the body of love, true love on earth. to make a long story short, i have to say, i am impressed by your comment, cause it reaches into my life in so many ways, but after going through experiences, with Heaven in mind, I had a visit from the Holy Spirit, the one that happens to deliver what to others seem impossible, and so I continued on my quest; i have been betrayed a few times, and it’s been a very costly betrayal i tell you, but since The Spirit arrived (i can ask for healings, the sun shines when I’m happy, its’ awesome believe me, actually it’s far better than you could imagine, I will tell you all someday or you will read it in a book), but the gist is, proof of God was lacking in many areas, and how that manifested itself, was a battle between good and evil, it’s visible in the changes going on everywhere ,something had to give, but allowing the Spirit to flow, is what your comment is all about when you get to the bottom of it, and that is what I do. God works in strange ways we don’t understand, and your comment, is another confirmation of that, you Miss, are truly blessed, believe me. Thanks so much for your comment, it really touches me. If the sun does not burst from the sky while you read this, it will be a question of tears of joy otherwise, thank you so much, amen.
      AS Jesus would say, when you forgive, you don’t give demons space to reside inside you, just as you said so eloquently. If you ever need a prayer, just ask.

  2. Thank you for your response and your post touched me also. It is a wonderful subject which I hope more people contemplate. As a Buddhist I am not a believer in God but have the greatest respect for those who are. As Im sure you will agree no matter what our faith or religious view – kindness forgiveness & compassion are embedded in all of us.

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