Empty Churches

There is nothing as peaceful as a walk down a church aisle, when the church is empty, however when the church has a service and the church is near to empty, what does it say about those who claim to be believers. The new woman in the office is attractive, you have no problem working late, a colleague you want to impress asks you to come in early, how about making an impression of the positive type in relation to God Most High, see the seas, the wonderful life of the ocean, the flowers, the air you breath. In times of great change, it’s worth reminding yourselves, that times like these were spoken of a long time ago, before the revival happened, be part of it.

4 thoughts on “Empty Churches

  1. True. Not many churches are filled today.. But today my temple of Worship is Nature and I feel God is in everything and All.. So I need no four walls in which to send out my prayers.. 🙂 Wishing you a delightful week my friend 🙂 Sue

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