The Yellow Cup

He sits outside the restaurant, his mother insists, his legs don’t reach the pavement yet, a couple of inches short, he’s only four. They dangle, little sticks, strands of grass, flowing back and forth. Mammy wants him to get along with the new boyfriend. His father left him scarred, well, the night he died in the car crash life has not been the same, his heart is an ache and no amount of treats can cheer him up. He prays, as his father had taught him, before bed time, they knelt together, asked for help, got up in the morning, that was until…

Hi, she greets him, little Sammy nods, just about, the boyfriend has arrived.

How are you doing tiger he says, the new boyfriend that is. He’s not talking today his mother says, who is doing her best, they nod to each other, we’ll be patient they tell each other, she is working her way

back too.

And this is for you, says the waiter, as he puts down a hope chocolate, actually a hot chocolate. topped with marshmallows, it’s in a great big yellow cup. The boy remembers the color, it was his fathers color, and he’d seen it somewhere. The waiter smiles, understands the connection.

So when are you taking me to the spider-man movie then!

The mother and boyfriend look at each other, the mountain has moved. I told you he’d come around.

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