The eyes that see, the nurture that’s unhealthy, the stuff your conscious can see but you hide away from, for fear of exposure. Society had a strange way about it, Solomon was questioning his own example, and then questioned the stuff young souls were getting exposed to, radiation of the heart, the habits that children imitate because they want to be like you. Around children, the cigarette is hidden, the heart is mindful, a metanoia happens, an unconscious awareness, perhaps it was why Children are a gift, the chance to renew. Who wanted that renewal to be tainted with bad habits, was it necessary to have every indulgence before them, teasing them on one hand, making them envious, tempting them for the future, exposing them to the radiation of human weakness. Lots of DNA was full of all sorts of experience, what’s in yours, what were you exposed to. If you could bury your bias, imagine it, you wouldn’t pass it on, not directly. On the other hand, if you practiced good habits, isn’t it easy to recognize it. The talk was of a world united in One faith, it was a casual conversation, just follow good example and wisdom, the best form of exposure there was.

4 thoughts on “Exposure

  1. Yes lots of us unintentionally pass on our thoughts to our children who grow up having ingrained within them indoctrinated thoughts we as a society pass on…
    When all we need to do is teach Love, kindness, care and respect.. both to each other and to Nature.. What a different world it would then be..
    Great thoughts

    • thanks sue for your comments, i was having a gamble in the office, petty really, but one of the customers, left his son outside, waiting for his father to return, the look in the eye of the child, and what had been cheery once was now dull, stuff we witness, hope your day goes great, and thanks for you comments. By the way, if you ever need a prayer, i had a visit from the Spirit upstairs, i know, what was it doing in the gambling store, amen, witnessing maybe!

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