The Wisdom of Jesus

get on with your neighbors, don’t carry resentment, forgive, be honest with love, use your life wisely, accept yourself as a gift, and be aware of the needs around you. It was all so simple. Beware of demons too, don’t give them space, don’t hate, and trust in The Father, he will send you the helper, but you got to believe, amen. and whatever you do, don’t worship idols. As for the Father, he is in everyone, so let love get the better of you, amen, the wisdom of Jesus, simple, straight forward, and as with love that is real, lasts an eternity. In the world of conflict tension and war, how many of them actually

believed the above, amen.


2 thoughts on “The Wisdom of Jesus

  1. I believe that the more you get into the word and the more you surround yourself with brother and sisters in Christ, the less space you give to other things. Wonderfully said!

    • amen, don’t leave room inside, as Jesus said, forgive, it’s that real.thanks for the comments, much appreciated, blessings. i’ve encountered Holy Spirit in real time, and i have a picture from the clouds on my blog, an answer to a prayer, pass it on. It’s how love works, we pass it on.

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