The Details

What’s this fascination with gore, brutality, ugly and pure fear, the details, we love to read the details or are we fed them just to make us all a little more insensitive,  dehumanizing us a little further, reducing our power to shock, that was only a slash, you should see a real stabbing, the blood is everywhere, the details, the artery was severed and there was blood on the ceiling, but the brain tissue spread was all over the bed clothes, and from the bulge in the aorta you can see it was a stressful time for the victim, the news has to be gory or we

wont read on. Solomon was in a situation, the usual, one soul with something the others were deemed to want too, was lording it over the others, was it the same story, just from another angle. of course, without the details, we can’t build up the trauma or the anxiety, it just ain’t the same is it. did you see the cut down the back, it went from the fourth vertebrae to the lower back, what damage, doesn’t it look artistic, the details he sighed, we get lost in details, as they tend to merge with our emotions somehow, but we were trying to be helpful! in the meantime, 200 million children daily and growing, i’m being very generous, the figure is far higher, blame the details of course, but …..


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