The Wisdom of Aaron

How could one so young appear to be so wise, everyone was asking the question, Solomon sighed, with God Most High, nothing was impossible, and so Aaron became one of the wise one’s. A boy with a dream, he was generous and kind, overcame difficulties and learned as best he could, asked for help, the angels were listening, the message passed along, a heart to trust in, one of a kind.

Passing on the Spirit, was upper most on Solomon’s mind, for there were those who kept such wisdom to themselves, and only shared it with those who gave back to them. As the years passed, the host’s of Great Spirit became fewer and fewer, so many with biased opinion, it was hard to find anyone who was fair, so despair set in, and everyone almost, worked for themselves and the benefit of their nearest, and those that would favor them, a death sentence for wisdom if it wanted to grow.

A plan was conceived, a very interesting one, one by one, and a foothold was found, and around that grip, wisdom began to form, then a tree sprung, and from the many branches, came a man came Aaron, who ended up being a very wise, One.

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