Forty Years

And no Parole!

the judge hammers the desk, the warden waits for the new arrivals

, seen so many of them, troubled young men, who strike out, the victim just happens to be there, but the real victim was born forty years ago. The young man is taken away, he shuffles in chains, his spirit drowning, the end of his life, well, who will want him now, prison will soon be the only home he knows. Solomon heard the story, forty years before, the numbers tied up emotionally, how so many end tied up in chains, it was a warning all those years ago, but the system wasn’t listening, it was building prisons all those years. Is there room for anymore howls the guard, the young men are black american, Hispanic, and he is their best friend now. No father, a child dries up emotionally, seeks the answers, hears all those preachers, saying the same, none of them he remembers as a child, as he didn’t own no credit card, amen.

There is a legacy issue, Solomon sighed, for years they treated the growing minority as if the white man owned the universe, he was white all right, but that was his soul, not the color of his skin, amen.


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