Being Used

Doesn’t know any different, born this way i suppose, emotionally connected, it’s how she survives, her support system is non existent, she’s out on a limb, she knows no other way, traded since she was a child, she’s told to do the same with her own, and this is her routine. Solomon was reminding himself, we are all victims of our rearing, but for some it’s very dark. There is a demon, and the mind gamers who support, trail the interests of the believer, hoping to find an avenue into their fears. Ever watch full, he wasn’t surprised, saw the darkness to often, he could recognise it, but rarely let on. the story he read, affirmed by what he encountered a day later. Did they realise there was a Heaven, and it was something worth getting used to, amen. The interests we create for ourselves, and where they lead us, solomon  was just learning himself.

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