Little Feet

Gushing mothers, play school, the little ones together, getting to know each other, having fun, a coffee a chat, a little this and that, talking about their little feet. The bell goes, the yard empties, they are a few years older, four five maybe, teacher is tired, it’s a Monday morning, still learning about patience, those little ones don’t behave like adults, they have the adventure you see, little feet are always wandering, it’s called being normal, wanting to take a step further. A year of two later they wise up, pull the strings of whoever, know how to get the best of you, little feet no more but still little feet to mother. Solomon was reading the story, there was a lot to read about, the tale of women in trouble, not on account of themselves, but because of a lot of wrongs not rights. The article was an appeal, would there ever be a change of mind, the need for some to control the mind of others, vulnerable women, their daughters, and young children. He saw them on their knees, it wasn’t a pretty sight, then sighed, wait till they see the image from above, it will give them all a little fright, and perhaps, be good for all those little feet, amen. The Holy Spirit arrived one night, and from that day his petitions and prayers were heard, and being a student of love, he had to listen as well, amen.


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