Where’s The Medication

Can’t put it down it always picks me up, when i can’t find it i cant sleep, when i find it it’s such a relief, all that medication, prozac, zanex, valiums, and a thousand other combinations to choose from, which one will i choose to day, the void is everywhere i look, not happy with the doctor, the teacher, Donald trump, the news, everywhere i look, i feel a need for more medication, and it’s just so, i can’t survive without it, it’s in my head, my friends are on the stuff, not forgetting the billion or so addicted to it, has taken the lives of many people, some famous, the few, but the others who live in silence, in the western world, they talk of breakthroughs in health treatments, but no one has ever wondered who we got to using so much medication. Solomon wondered what had them all going crazy, depression, sleeplessness, stress, common with children, was there anyone out there capable of even presenting it as it was and is, a global pandemic, where’s my medication darling. Solomon encountered the best medication there is, proof of Real God Most High, not by books but by his own eyes, made him sit up and think, who needs medication, if all your going to do is worry about it.

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